Stonybrook Park

We had a wonderful, all American day at Stonybrook Park today. Instead of ordering lunch at the little grille they have, I talked everyone into doing it old school. So we brought charcoal and did the traditonal picnic. It was so nice! Pictured with us above is Shawn's sister Amy and her husband Roger with their kids (Kaitlin and Trey). As well as our former neighbors and dear friends, Rob & Carolyn and their three children (Megan, Bailey and Jack)

The kids played on the playground

And afterwards we walked the gorge.


terilynnh2000 said...

What beautiful families!! Looks like an amazing day. :)

Brent & Jodie said...

How fun! We will have to check it out next summer. Love the pic of Shawn with Cullen....Cullen is such a happy guy!

Hannah said...

That looks great! We are going there today and Jodie showed me your pictures. Looks like we are in for a treat!