It's not easy being Green

Poor Alex is having such a hard times these days with motion sickness. I have a whole list of things to try and so far, most are failing miserably. So if anyone has any suggestions or experiences, I am so willing to give it a try. And Alex is such a good sport about trying things. She will do just about anything not to feel so sick. We go to the doctors next on 9/16 and I was hoping to talk more about this with them. But sometimes it is a good idea to go in with information/ideas already on hand. Besides this being a total nightmare for weekend trips and my car paying a dear price, we are very nervous that the cruise in November is going to be complete misery for her.

Things we've tried
Seat positioning- does nothing
Eating light meal/crackers- nothing
Opening a window- nothing
Looking out window- nothing
Gum or mints- nothing
Sea-bands- if anything made it worse
Children's Bonine- little to no effect
Dramamine(original formula)- works sometimes, but not always

Meds to reseach and potentially try
Scopolamine Patch
and Gravol...but the risks and side effects looked pretty severe on that one

I was also going to try the Queasy pops, but I don't hold out much hope.

Electronic Wristbands are also an option, but they are pricey ($200 from manufacturer) and their eveidence of working is not terribly convincing thus far.


Jensboys said...

I would suggest Gravol. Its a staple up here -- and the only side effect I have seen is it does make some kids sleepy, but a sleeping child is not a puking child.

Maybe American Gravol is different than Canadian Gravol? But here they even sell an infant formula.

Also, give it half hour before trip. With some ginger ale? Other than that ... I really have no more suggestions

Wondering when you will find us said...

Poor baby, I always get car sick and use dramamine, but I see u said it doesnt always work...hmmm....I will ask my mom what she used. I always threw up on every car ride as a kid.

wsweden said...

I get car sick easily, too. Looking out the window works for me. I was worried when we went on our cruise, but those ships are so big you don't feel any movement at all. Hope you find something that works.

jkribbit said...

I hope you don't mind a total stranger leaving a comment. I found your blog through Jodie's and I can sympathize - I get motion sick so easily as well! The first thing I would suggest is to make sure there aren't any ear things going on. There has been a nasty inner ear infection making the rounds lately that can really create problems with dizziness (which can then lead to more motion sickness.) But any little thing with the ear can affect balance, which in turn affects motion sickness.

I've also found that ginger can help. Ginger ale, ginger citrus smelling things (car freshener, body spray, etc.)

The last thing - and this is what made the most difference for me - is something I just found recently. I've been doing some energy medicine for my myriad health problems and one technic in particular really helped with motion sickness. I've been doing BodyTalk (www.bodytalksystems.com). It's completely non-invasive and can do no harm - no side effects, no needles, no pills to swallow. There is a technic called vivaxis that helped me with motion sickness. Basically I wasn't grounded - my body already struggled to feel connected to the earth and really couldn't cope when I moved - in a car, in a plane, in a boat. It was a simple process of having the BodyTalk practitioner tap gently on my head and my heart to refocus that energy. It's made a huge difference for me.

Good luck!! I hope you find something that works for you!