Happy Father's Day & Congrats Grad!

Alex's school had a Father's Day event last week. The dads met the children at Lowe's and they did a project together. Alex made a bird feeder for Shawn.

Daddy and his little man sharing some "lovins".

And since we spent Sunday at Darien, we took grandpa to breakfast yesterday for Father's Day. His gift, more pictures of the kids. Who would have guessed.

And on Saturday, I watched my eldest nephew accept his high school diploma. If this was any indication of how my own children's graduations will be....I will likely need a valium. I was filled with so many emotions from pride to nostalgia along with a handful of other things. My sweet, sweet Jordan. Oh how I love that kid!


terilynnh2000 said...

Happy Father's Day, Shawn (aka the father of my other children) :) and congrats to Jordan! What a great pic of you two! He's sooo handsome!!!

Paulette said...

Happy Days!!!! :)

Wondering when you will find us said...

What fun Alex had with dad! Congrats to your nephew! :)

wsweden said...

I love the Lowes projects. Justin made me a memory box for Mother's Day. The little aprons for the little ones are cute, too.

Love the pictures.