STAR Picnic

Today we attended the Annual Adoption STAR picnic. It was our fifth year in attendance and it continues to be my favorite agency activity. It is always so amazing to see all of the beautiful families touched by adoption.

As always, I planned Alex's outfit about three weeks ago (a cute but practical GAP sundress). She was all decked out with her matching purse and shoes. Picture perfect! That was...until she announced 1/4 mile before entering the park, "Momma my tummy hurts, I think I'm gonna frow up". And indeed she did, all over herself, the carseat, and my trailblazer. So we spent the next 30 minutes washing out her dress in the sink and cleaning her up. She was fine after that, just a case of car sickness. But the incident left her with only a nightgown to wear. We were already late, which is a total no-no in my book...but fortunately Grandma was with us and offered to rush off to WalMart to buy another dress. God bless that woman! Everyone should have a "Betty"!!!

After the craziness was over, Alex enjoyed playing on the playground the rest of the afternoon. She also thought she was pretty hot stuff when she got her face painted like a "princess".

And here are her two sidekicks, Sean and Gabi.


terilynnh2000 said...

I love that princess face of hers! She is such a DOLL! Thanks for taking pics today. :) xoxoxo

Wondering when you will find us said...

The kid's are so cute! Glad you all had fun!