Bill's Sick Again

He's ok, but....

We got a call at 11:15 last night from my mother-in-law that my father-in-law was really sick. She said they were waiting to hear back from the doctor and wanted Shawn to come down. What she really meant was that she had called 911 and was afraid she'd have to start CPR soon and didn't want to do it herself. So Shawn flew down the street and I packed Alex up for another night at Sissy's (poor kid).

Though he has been pretty sick for awhile and quite often they never really determine the cause, this time thry know he DID have another heart attack. Couldn't even guess what number this is by now.

He was stable enough , so Shawn and I came home about 3:30 this morning. They were moving him to ICU this morning if they had any beds. As of 15 minutes ago, they still haven't been able to get his blood suger below 500. So they are contending with that too. That is likely due to the staff infection he still has from a few months back.

Alex has a 10:30 B-day party at the zoo, which we don't dare miss...so I am up and leaving shortly to go get her. I'll update again later...and have b-day pics too!

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