Call Me Crazy

Call me crazy, but I made a purchase today that I have had my eye on.

Anyone who knows me, knows what a planner I am. So of course the whole adoption thing makes my hair stand on end. The unsettledness of not knowing when our baby will come, where he or she will come from and the circumstances surrounding his or her arrival. So what CAN I control in this process? Answer: the nursery! As I did while preparing for my daughter's arrival, I intend to start the nursery before a match/placement. For me it is cathardic. So after months of looking at different patterns, I decided on Cocalo Baby's Alphabet Soup. It is gender neutral and even more adorable in person. So today, I purchased these prints off e-bay! My very first purchase for this new baby!!!!

I still remember my first purchase for Alex. We had literally JUST made the decision to adopt. Suddenly I was filled with hope and just knew our baby would arrive in time. So after years of denying myself even the thought of browsing the baby departments, I allowed myself one purchase...a Gund stuffed dog (a Golden Retriever of course). Alex still sleeps with it and I smile each time I think about that shopping trip and the hopes it held.

So anyways, this is the bedding that the prints coordinate with. And it just so happens that I painted the walls the perfect color green already! I am just tickled pink...or blue!


Becky said...

I know how exciting it can be to hope - and shop! I think I have enough for 2 babies already. Oh and I love the pattern - very gender neutral.

Paulette said...

I think it's beautiful.... now we all have to get some babies to fill in all of our nurseries! :)

Rebecca said...

You're not going to belive this, but I picked out the same one. I absolutely love it! I'm not quite ready to bring it home, but I can't help but shope either. So it's waiting at my mom's for when the time is right.

Rebecca said...

I can't believe it, I picked the same one. I absolutely love it! It's actually at my mom's right now as I'm not quite ready to move it in to the house, but I know it's there and waiting.

Jodie said...

Oh I LOVE that! I absolutely love it. I can't wait until your little one arrives!

MyKidsMom said...

Thanks :-) I am going to wait until we are HS complete until I get the bedding. Although it is currently on sale online and it is killing me.

Rebecca...you have wonderful taste!