And then there were two...

So, I still haven't found my camera. I borrowed my father-in-law's last week to take some pics of the house. I was really reaching the point of frustration. I had opened every box possible in search of my missing camera. It was somehow lost in the move. So yesterday morning I moped around, rather annoyed that I wasn't immediately greeted with a "Happy Mother's Day" from my husband. (Alex remembered, she actually woke me up telling me it was Mudder's Day.) Alas, I was finally given my gift. Nothing could have been more perfect....a new camera!!!!!!! Thank you, Shawn.

So we had lunch and I opend the camera and fiddled with it for about 5 minutes before leaving for my inlaws. We get to my inlaws, and I give my father-in-law his camera back. He asked why I need his camera, when I have nearly the identical one. To which I told him that mine was apparently lost in the move. He chuckles and says "no it wasn't, I found it in one of my boxes last night." AHHHHHHH!!!!

Had I known this, it would have saved a lot of money. Now we supposedly can't return it. So what to do? Shawn suggested taking some pics with it and seeing which one I liked better, the old or new. If there wasn't much difference he would try to return the new one. So I did, and it takes fabulous pictures!!! Looks like I am keeping it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sweet Peace* said...

I love your photos and your new home is beautiful too....WOW!

Sweet Peace* said...

Thank you for your comment... my identity is intriging, eh? Hmmmmm. Many factors bore it within myself through my journey called life.
Thank you very much,

Jodie said...

Those pics are wonderful! What kind of camera did you end up with?

MyKidsMom said...

Thanks. It's the Sony Cyber-shot H7. I really like the featuers on it.

Now I have to e-bay my Kodak z740.