My New bathroom is Cursed

Ok, so far everything that "could" go wrong with this bathroom...has! We had a horrible experience trying to order the vanity and sink from Lowes. Went in three times to place the order, even made an appointment the second and third time. Each time we were greeted by an associate who did not know how to place the order. Finally gave up.

So, we found another dealer who appeared customer service oriented and placed the order (2/24). So, the vanity was to come in two weeks ago and didn't. Came in last week, but with no sink. Were told hopefully next week. UGH!

So instead of installing the vanity and sink last weekend, we decided to tile the tub. Yet another nightmare with Lowes. Called all over to have them pull the tiles I need and when I got to the stores....you guessed it....they had no where near what I needed. So I spent the whole eveing driving here and there to complete the order. UGH again!

So now that the tile is finished, Shawn calls to see if the sink is in. Guess what. It's NOT. Guess why. BECAUSE THEY NEVER FLIPPIN' ORDERED IT!!!!!!!!!!!

This on top of numerous plumbing, subfloor, and dry wall problems. I give up.


Becky said...

So sorry - I hate it when what is supposed to be a simple project, turns into such an ordeal! Good luck with getting everything done.

Lisa & Tim said...


Jodie said...

What a pain in the neck! I am so sorry. Hope it gets figured out soon.

Wondering when you will find us said...

OMG- Sorry it's turning out like it is!!!! Good luck with the rest of the work!

terilynnh2000 said...

Yikes! That is terrible! I feel partialy responsible in that I recommended them to you! SO SORRY!