Small Moments

Since I'd love to get back into blogging again, I thought I would participate in this weeks Open Adoption Roundtable.

This weeks writing, a "small moment made possible by open adoption".

My moment happened the day I met my son.

Unlike with the adoption of my daughter, 4 years earlier, his was a much more open adoption. And because of this, I was able to meet his firstmom. We spent five hours with one another in the hospital on the day of discharge. We shared many laughs and tears.

My moment came during our good-bye.

A hug that captured a world of emotion.

It was as if silently we held a full conversation.

Her to me, how much she loved her child. How she would miss him and think of him every day of his life. Begging us to take good care of him and to always tell him of her love.

Me to her, thanking her for trusting us with her precious son. Promising to be the best parents to him that we knew how. Letting her know that she would always be loved and that he too would know of her love.

We then just stared into one another's eyes, Mother to Mother. That moment created a forever seal between she and I. Words were not necessary. I knew that there was no other woman on earth that loved my son as much as I did. But her.


Paulette said...

Precious moments!

Alison & Jason said...

This brought tears to my eyes! It sounded just like my moment with K. Ours was after she had her private goodbye with Alex and she came out of the room into the hallway where we were. We approached each other and hugged. We both said "thank you" while we cried in each other's arms, but we know so much more was in those 2 simple words and that long hug. Like you said - mom to mom moment forever stamped on my heart. I am so glad you got that moment too :-)


Jameszmhh said...

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