A Dash of This and a Pinch of That

Seems like I haven't had much blogging time lately. Nothing earth shattering going on and nothing I feel compelled enough over to write about. And what can I say. My children are exhausting! Most days I can barely string together enough words to form one complete sentence. But in a nutshell, here's a bit of an update.

Had fun last weekend at Disney on Ice.

Spent Monday evening with my grandparents, which is always a treat.

Busy planning Cullen's 1st birthday :-) I'll post more about that this coming week.

Took the plunge and scheduled Cullen's first haircut for Feb 25th.

Trying to learn how take photos with my new camera. And that ia proving more difficult than I had expected.

Celebrated Shawn's 33rd b-day on the 21st.

Alex had a fabulous week at school and home.

Cullen has a yucky cold AGAIN!

And today we went to Bounce It Out and the kiddos both had a great time. Pictures to follow.

Sorry I don't have anything more interesting to report. Hopefully it stays that way.

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Life with my BOYS! said...

Isn't Bounce it Out a hoot!!! Our boys loved it!!

Glad that there are no major reports coming on your blog. Life is good when it is just normal stuff!!!

Enjoy your birthday celebration planning!