The Deed's Been Done

Poor Cullen had his circumcision today. I have been a wreck about it all week. Kicking myself for not taking the extra time and having it done in the hospital. But today was the day. And from what the doctor said, he was a real trooper. He also said he would experience no discomfort for at least two to three hours....WRONG! And that we could handle him as usual....WRONG again!

My poor boy screamed to the top of his lungs the entire way home. He screamed. I cried. It was terrible. And if you know Cullen, you know that any crying is completely unlike him. Which broke my heart even more. He has continued to fuss and cry all night. Once he gets settled, just the slightest repositioning will send him into wails again.

So for now, we have found the only thing that works...Big Sister. Alex has been successfully calming him all evening. He sits relatively comfortable in the Boppy while being read to and told stories. A random fuss here or there escapes, but for the most part this seems to be working. After being up 5x last night (twice for Alex and three times for Cullen), I am justing hoping he sleeps tonight!


Life with my BOYS! said...

(((HUGS)))) For YOU Mommy! I know the guilt of having it done when they are older. It gets better!

Brent & Jodie said...

Molly is right! It really will get better. I must say that the power of sisters is great. I think that Emmalee is one of the main reasons Ty is doing so well. Keep up the good work, Alex!!

Lisa & Tim said...

Lots of hugs and kisses to Cullen.

Becky said...

You can see the love Cullen has for Alex in his eyes in that picture! What a doll to comfort him when he needed it!

Rebecca said...

How sweet that picture is. He's a lucky boy to have such a great big sister. Hope he's feeling better soon.

Julie said...

Sweetest thing! That Alex can calm him. :) THAT is THE WORST feeling when you are driving and your babe is CRYING and you can't do anything!! :(

Saram said...

Hey, its over and done with. Nothing to worry about. If you are interested, I am a group leader for a group for moms who believe in circumcising, it is great place to find info and support.

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