Eating my words already

Well I was prepared to wait patiently until the first of the year before taking another step forward, but it appears I am not all that good at waiting afterall. Go figure. I received our official homestudy approval in the mail this past weekend. Although it was exciting in one sense, it also seems hard to believe we have been officially waiting over a month already. One month come and gone and not even a single call. Sigh.

So last week I decided to take the plunge and post our profile online through Adoption STAR. I don't know if many matches happen as a result of the internet, but I know it was an important tool Alex's birthparents utilized in selecting Adoption STAR and ultimately us as parents. So we'll see where it leads!

In addition, I have also decided to compile a video profile. Problem being that our MAC (which housed about 7000 photos) died, and I mean died, about 3 months ago. So we took it into the Geniuses (yes that is what they call themselves) at the Apple store and begged for help. Wouldn't you know that within 30 minutes the darn thing was up and running and all my precious photos and videos are once again at my fingertips. All hail the Genius Bar!!! Boy that was too close of a call though.

So as I type this on my PC, the MAC is currently being back-up on a seperate hard drive. And then I will begin the task of putting together this video. As I look back on all the photos I will no doubt be taken back in time to four years ago when our amazing little girl was first placed in our arms. I am always flooded with memeories and emotions of that special time. And hopefully one day soon we will once again know the feeling of being entrusted with the most special blessing.


Paulette said...

I am so glad that those Geniuses are truly that....and could restore your precious memories!
Your time is coming. A baby will be blessed to be part of your family. The ticker has begun.

Becky said...

I love your online profile! Especially your letter. It was a perfect reflection of your family.

MyKidsMom said...

Thanks. I always struggle putting things into words. So hard to describe everything about your lives in just a page or so.

terilynnh2000 said...

Hey that is really cool that they saved if for you. I guess they don't call them geniuses for nuttin!

Colette said...

I am glad your puter is up and running again! It is terrible to be with out it! I saw your profile on line it looks great!!! I am praying your baby finds you soon! I know the wait is a killer! Keep the faith! Hugs