Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. And snow it has! Today's storm dropped a hefty load of flakes. Shoveled the driveway 3x so far today and there are several more inches covering it again. And now that the snow asscociated with the storm is passing, they say lake effect will kick in and continue through tonight and tomorrow. Gotta love living a mile from Lake Ontario!

My poor little tree shown above is buried. And I went to let the poor dogs out to go to the bathroom this afternoon and when I opened the gate I found this. Looks like about 18 inches and still coming down.


Jen said...

Oh, all that snow looks like so much fun! I was scrapbooking our "big" snow of 2006 earlier today, and it was probably about 3 inches! And, we usually only get one snow a year. How much fun Hannah would have in all of that.

MyKidsMom said...

Unfortunately it has been too cold for the most part to even play outside. Not worth getting all layered up for 15 minutes!